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Bottleneck 1

Bottleneck #1: The Tech Bottleneck

Back in March I spoke at Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Live event in La Jolla, CA on Breaking the 4 Bottlenecks That’ll Keep You From Scaling Your Business. This blog series is drawn from that talk. Business owners usually call me pretty much when they reach a crunch point in their scaling. That’s the […]

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Hacking Happiness at Work

If you’re happy and you know it: high-5 your boss! Over on the Redbooth blog, I tackle the issue of happiness at work. Workplace happiness is becoming big business, and even Chief Happiness Officers are popping up everywhere. This round-up features: What science has to say about workplace happiness (including how to “hack” happiness into your project […]

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Managing Freelancers

Work with a freelancer? Chances are that’s a Yes (or the freelancer might even be you). As the gig economy attracts more and more workers, there’s growing demand on businesses to get it right when it comes using freelancers. Over on the Redbooth blog, I’ve assembled a little resource for you. Learn how to: use frelancer talent […]

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How to Scale Your Business

You know you’ve arrived when… your business is facing growing pains. But as problems go, these are good problems to have! If you’re looking to scale — and craving expert advice — I have a round-up for that, over on the Redbooth blog. What’s there? Advice on scaling a service-based business, including a roadmap for […]

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How to Delight Your Customers

If improving customer service is on your 2016 priority list, take heart — I’ve rounded up some great resources to help. I’ve assembled articles about the wisdom of investing in customer delight, as well as  how to measure it, how to design it, and how to improve it. (And I throw in a few inspirational […]

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Switch Up Your Morning Ritual

What do your mornings look like? Mornings — especially the early hours between waking and work — can set the tune for your whole day. Want to up your game? Over on the Redbooth blog, I round up the best articles on morning routines. These articles explore how the rich and famous start their day, […]

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