You and I Both know…

That being in business means one gritty challenge after another. This doesn’t scare you. Not even a little.

Doesn’t mean you don’t

That if you’re a bottleneck, your business can’t scale.

My guess is this is coming as a surprise to approximately zero of you. You already know this. You’re LIVING it! But this is the point I want to make:

Solving this is not optional.
And there will be no major growth in your business until you do. 

Hi, I’m Karen

I help business owners get clear of the chokepoints that throttle their business.

I’m an experienced operations manager with stints in a Silicon Valley software company and in the counter-terrorism intelligence community – as well as 7+ years serving as Integrator/COO for A-listers in the online space.

This means I’ve tackled things like standing up a new training business for QuickBooks – to running covert action programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan – to managing deep 7-figure launches without breaking a sweat. (← A bit of a fib. Launches are stressful, who am I kidding?)

Not many of you will be looking to operate in a war-zone (although I’m game if you are), but it means I’m used to:

  • leading remote teams in multiple time zones
  • with lots of moving parts
  • managing folks who do not work directly for me
  • under some pretty epic constraints and deadlines.