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Introducing CRASH COURSES #1: How to Bootstrap Your Course

I’m excited to be announcing something new from the Sunny Patio Project that I think you’ll really enjoy and get a lot out of: Crash Courses!

One by one, I’m taking a theme or a broader lesson – something a small biz owner needs to know about designing a course, delighting customers, & making it easy on yourself – and presenting a series of helpful articles, videos and whatnot to get you doing it already.

You’re invited!

I’ll be hanging out in the comments, and on Facebook, to answer any questions that come up, and those of you who are newsletter subscribers know I’m always accessible by hitting the Reply button.

The first theme cuts right to the chase:

How to Bootstrap Your Course.How to Bootstrap Your Course

If you hang around these next few weeks, you’ll have enough info, tips, advice and recommendations to whip something out by Christmas. Yup.

Why bother with a course? Why should I add one to my offerings?

Offering a group course can transform your business bottom-line because it dramatically changes your effort-to-income ratio.

Think about it: the time & effort it takes to teach 10 people is only minimally higher than teaching 1 or 2 (yet the income is 5-to-10 times higher) – and that’s for a single running of one course.

Great courses provide value to all students, but take a fraction of the effort you’d spend if you trained each person 1-on-1.

Group courses are a great value for the content and advice that a student learns, even though they don’t get über-personalized attention during class. This lets you to position your one-on-one coaching as the premium product that it is.

Now you can contrast packages that offer your undivided time and attention & customized results against a high-quality lower-price option. Genius.

Why bootstrap? & What does that really mean?

Bootstrapping means that the majority of the effort to create, design, and produce the course comes from you, without outsourcing parts to others. Why? Well, budget, usually. Let’s be frank about that. But there are also great reasons to DIY your course, including:

– 100% creative control

– You need a very quick turnaround (we can slave-drive ourselves much more than we can others, and don’t we all know it..)

– You want to work slowly, piecemeal, maybe waiting for other things to fall in place before you go all out

– Lack of suitable outside help (what am I, chopped liver?)

Actually, I’ve heard this last one a lot. Small business owners often tell me: It’s not clear what kind of help is out there, much less how to articulate my needs, my budget, my choices in hiring someone or how to hang a price tag on the value such help brings – if it even existed in my price range!

Boy, are you going to love this Crash Course…

What things will I learn in this Crash Course?

– All the moving parts to creating a course, and how they fit together

– Free & low-cost resources to Do-It-Yourself

– Recommendations on software and tools to get ‘er done

– Best Practices & smart processes to put the software and tools to good use, and to make course-design something less than the Labors of Hercules

– How to know you’re doing it well (or gack, how to know when you’re off & how to course-correct)

– Case studies of entrepreneurs just like you who created their own course, peeking under the hood to see how exactly they pulled it off

– How & when to decide NOT to bootstrap. How to determine when a slice of this project is so far outside your genius zone that it makes good sense to look for help.

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