Bottleneck Rx
Cure Your Bottleneck. Grow Your Business.

Learn t
he one shift that will free you from feeling held hostage by your own business – and allow to you to swiftly & confidently shape how your team moves forward on your
priority projects.

Practice the two most powerful ways to decode how bottlenecks have formed for you. No two bottlenecks are quite the same (despite what you’ve read)! And yes, the little
details matter.

The 4-part playbook your
business NEEDS to remove you
as the bottleneck – by
redesigning how you manage
your projects, your team
& your decision-making.

Nancy Levin

"The minute I heard Karen on a podcast talking about Bottleneck Rx I knew it was for me.

It truly supported me in delegating and releasing ownership of pieces of my business that do not need me meddling in them to provide time, space, energy and creativity for the the things that only I can do, and what I love doing the most.

If you want to learn a proven process to get out of your own way so your business can evolve and flourish without you micromanaging every aspect, Bottleneck Rx is for you!

- Nancy Levin Master Coach, Bestselling Author

The Program At a Glance:

The Winning Formula

Give me 40 days, and I'll help you reimagine your internal operations and create customized blueprints for how to manage youprojects, your team and your decision-making.

BRx Method

Business Bottlenecks are BS. I believe that these artificial upper limits don't need to become REAL upper limits to your business, which is why I wake up ready to do this work every day.

The End Game

A customized Rx Playbook that spells out how to:

  • move projects forward — quickly and smoothly
  • scope projects well, so the whole team knows where the goal-posts are
  • unlock exactly how to delegate to reduce errors, stress and re-work
  • confidently navigate the itch to change things up (without creating chaos)

These are fully-customized blueprints — tailored to you, your team & the way you do business — that you will use daily in your business to see better results.


Interested in Bottleneck Rx?


Meet Karen.

I help CEOs diagnose & cure the bottlenecks in their businesses that make it impossible for them to grow sustainably.

With more than 25 years of experience running operations, teams and projects – in the private sector, in government, and in the online space – I’m uniquely gifted at translating ideas into action across a wide variety of industries.

I've distilled my years of experience in small business operations into a framework that will free you from feeling trapped by the business you created. Ready to end the bottleneck headaches? Let's get started!