If you are a business owner who feels stuck in the weeds
... you may already suspect you're a bottleneck.

Ready to discover how to get out of the way
so your business can grow (and your team can thrive)?

Introducing Bottleneck Rx


Bottleneck Rx is an 8-week private intensive
for overworked owners & entrepreneurs
who want to remove themselves as the bottleneck
in their growing businesses.

How many of these have you said out loud in the last month:
(Be honest...)

“It's a catch-22: I need to delegate but I can't carve out time to actually do it."
“I swear nothing in this business moves forward without me.”
“I have ALL these team members, but I don't have ANY less work on my plate!”

If you have, you may be wondering: HOW DID I EVEN GET HERE?

This: Your business grew.

Yep. That’s the "problem"! 

See, business bottlenecks are growing pains (emphasis on growing). They are problems that only growing businesses get to have.

Lucky you, huh? You’re at a bona fide business pivot point – where you move from one phase of business to the next.

I have seen this struggle up close, and I know it well! 

Maybe that’s you and your business right now.

Maybe  you've done all of the "right" things:
– you've added team members 
– you're trying your best to delegate
– you've purchased the software, you've bought some templates

and NOW you're wondering….


Well, here's one thing I know for sure:
Your bottleneck is acting as an upper limit to your business. 

And you have two options in front of you:

1. Break through your bottleneck & watch your business grow.
2. Muddle through and hope it sorts itself out. Errr..soon.

There's another thing I know about you (and I know it because you're still here reading):

You're on Team Breakthrough. You want to succeed and grow your business.

And the cure? Well — as you might suspect from your trial and error — it's not as simple as more team members or more SOPs. 

It's something else entirely. Read on...

Karen Sergeant headshot

Hi, I'm Karen.

I help leaders remove the back-office bottlenecks so their businesses can grow and their teams can thrive.  

For 25 years I’ve guided teams through high-stakes/high-uncertainty situations, from counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan to software product management at the dawn of the internet boom — and here in the online space, I've helped clients achieve 7-figure launches, build new product lines, and architect full-team reorgs.

The Cure That Works

My years as COO in some of the biggest names of the industry (all 7+ figure businesses) has given me a front-row seat to how these CEO bottlenecks form — and, best of all, how to solve them and get them and their business back on track.

The FULL cure comes with a three-fold strategy that combines mindset work, behavioral insights and industry best-practices.

A framework that empowers you to take an unflinching look at how bottlenecks have formed specifically for you — and to create custom solutions (based on best-practices, but tailored to a perfect fit for you and your team) that you will use daily in your business to see better results.

BRx Framework Venn Diagram

I have watched this framework repair seemingly “impossible” situations — and transform a CEO’s biggest headache into their competitive advantage.

And as I witnessed this success among my private clients, I thought, “Everyone needs to know this!" And, with that, Bottleneck Rx was born!

Lise Kuecker photo

"Karen has been a tremendous asset to our team, and to me personally. She's a great investment – every dollar we spent was returned tenfold."

- Lisa Kuecker Founder & CEO of StudioGrow.co

"Karen has been amazing to work with. She is super-smart, has amazing energy, everybody on our team has absolutely loved working with Karen. She’s great at helping remove you as a bottleneck. She has my biggest recommendation."

- Austin Netzley Founder & CEO of 2X

Austin Netzley

Introducing Bottleneck Rx

An 8-week private intensive for overworked CEOs who want to remove themselves as the bottleneck in their growing businesses.

If you’re ready to partner with an expert who can help diagnose YOUR unique bottleneck and help you make the adjustments YOU need to make — you are in the right place. 

BRx Computer

Bottleneck Rx is all about giving you the insight, the tools, and the expert support to shift OUT of bottleneck mode and into the CEO chair so that you can unchain yourself from the minutiae of your business and stay in your zone of genius. 

Working together, we create custom solutions for you and your team based on mindset work, behavioral triggers and industry best practices.

Nancy Levin

"The minute I heard Karen on a podcast talking about Bottleneck Rx I knew it was for me.

It truly supported me in delegating and releasing ownership of pieces of my business that do not need me meddling in them to provide time, space, energy and creativity for the the things that only I can do, and what I love doing the most.

If you want to learn a proven process to get out of your own way so your business can evolve and flourish without you micromanaging every aspect, Bottleneck Rx is for you!"

- Nancy Levin Master Coach, Bestselling Author

Is Bottleneck Rx right for your business?

It's not the right fit for everyone. I am incredibly hands-on and I tailor each engagement to acknowledge and honor each client's individuality. I can only accept a small number of participants at any one time — so I make sure to only work with those who are at the right inflection point in their business (and are ready to do the work).

Here's who I work best with, and how you can know if Bottleneck Rx is right for you and your business:

Bottleneck Rx is for:

  • Businesses with teams (even small ones).
  • Businesses with proven products or services that are selling well — and who are looking to grow further.
  • Leaders who have the self-discipline to focus and stay accountable when working through hard problems.
  • Leaders who are looking to grow their leadership skills and lead more consciously; who are curious, coachable, and self-aware.
  • Leaders who are willing to fail — to lay bets and see what pans out (and doesn't). And, who are also willing to let team members fail, so they can learn.
  • Leaders who value their team and their relationship with their team, and value justice, equity and inclusion.
  • Leaders who can dedicate 3 hours each week to this process — knowing that an hourly payoff is right around the corner.

Bottleneck Rx is not for:

  • Soloprenuers who don't yet have a team.
  • Businesses still trying to crack Product/Market Fit.
  • Businesses who aren't interested in growing much beyond current operations.
  • Leaders who are not willing to look at their own behaviors and habits.
  • Leaders who think the solution is always other people's performance, or blame others for their problems and challenges.
  • Leaders who want paint-by-numbers or templated solutions.
  • Leaders who aren't willing to unhook their ego from their business.
  • Leaders expecting a quick-fix.
Sri Mohan headshot

"Where Bottleneck Rx really shines is in the practical exercises.

They were eye-opening for me because I was able to get insights that I'd never come across before. It's in these shifts in thinking that I made the biggest progress.

I've gotten my only scarce asset — my time — back to use towards more useful things. Finally, we're starting to be able to focus on the things that matter again now that our bottlenecks are disappearing."

- Sri Mohan Managing Director, Mohan Management Consultants Pte Ltd

Here's What You Can Look Forward To:

Even though it's a 1:1 experience, Bottleneck Rx is a structured program that follows a proven framework — each week builds upon the previous one to help you achieve incredible results. When we speak, I’ll explain the entire format and structure in detail. Here are the most important components:


Each week, we're digging deep in your business, your team and the way work gets done. You'll get my best customized feedback and guidance.


You'll have access to my best ideas, my 25+ years of experience leading teams, and my laser focus on you and
your business.


We'll use a proven
three-part strategy that combines mindset work, behavioral insights and industry best-practices — all customized to you.


Accountability is baked into our weekly calls to get you over the implementation bumps. You won't just know better, you'll do better.


BRx Graduates say these practical exercises are where the big shifts happen.


Trainings, resources and worksheets to walk you through implementation step-by-step.


My proprietary 4C diagnostic for you to map and optimize
your team.


A comprehensive set of tools, assessments and systems to slay the trickiest challenges.


"Bottleneck Rx is amazing for a visionary and integrator to work together for the long-term growth and wellbeing of a team. 

It's similar to couples counseling! It honors the differences and uses them as a vital tool rather than a weakness or a mismatch. It helps connect the dots and fills in the gaps of what is and what is not working. It gets the two people at the top of the organization on the same page and translates the different languages they may be speaking.

Bottleneck Rx is truly a prescription for an organization to thrive."

- Kylie Kwon Life Coach & Spiritual Guide

Kylie Kwon headshot

Let's talk about results.

When your bottlenecks start to disappear, you'll reclaim your most scarce resource — your time & bandwidth — to use towards the things that matter again. Like growing your business and crafting your legacy.

Work Smarter Woman Icon


Move quickly from idea to validation to implementation — with everybody fully on board.

Team Icon


Build a strong team that "gets it" and is a force-multiplier
for your ideas.


Bandwidth for new ideas, new projects — and anything else in your zone of genius.


If You Know This Is What You Need,
But You’re Wondering…

How much time do I need to set aside?

The weekly commitment to BottleneckRx is 3.5 hours (90 minutes for the call, about 2 hours for prep and implementation), for 8 weeks. Any additional work you put in will be rewarded in swifter, more lasting wins for yourself and
your team.

I’m already too busy & I’m not sure I have the time.

I understand. When you’re a bottleneck, one thing you do NOT have enough of is time (or energy, or patience, probably). BottleneckRx, when followed, will give you BACK your time, your patience and your zest, and allow you to step into a role in your company (the Visionary Leader) that you always intended to be. If that’s your vision, you can find
the time.

How are you different from a “business coach”?

Many business coaches are generalists – coaching across the spectrum of sales, marketing, product creation, business strategy, etc. Most have a passing knowledge of operational issues (they’ve solved some problems in their own businesses, as CEOs, and are happy to share their experience). 

I’m an operations expert, with 8 years as a COO/Integrator for digital businesses making multiple 7 figures, and 25 years leading teams in corporate, government and online. I’ve coached many Business Coaches (and they’ve helped me with my marketing & sales)! If you are the bottleneck in your business, you are in the right place for the tools and tradecraft to find sustainable, lasting relief.  

Selena Soo

"Karen was a trusted advisor and A-level executor in my business. She created the operational infrastructure that allowed our company to scale to 7-figures — reducing team burnout and overwhelm in the process."

- Selena Soo CEO of SelenaSoo.com

"From the beginning, I knew she was going to change the way Zenplicity operates – and we were able to transform my business into a well-oiled machine. If you’re ready to work with the best of the best, Karen will keep you on track."

- Jamie DuBose CEO of ZenplicityNow.com

Jamie DuBose

How Can Your Business Grow
If You Spend Most of Your Time Running In Place?

At the end of one of our first calls together, my client grew silent and thoughtful.

“My plans are bigger than this.”

She was looking at how much of her time was spent on the minutiae of her business – with barely any time (or energy) to do the things that only she-as-CEO can do: the vision, the strategy and the big partnerships that are going to dramatically grow her business.

She was focused on mechanics and operations – when she had the vision (and the guts) to take on the world and make a greater impact. 

Is this you, too?

Because when you finally cure your bottleneck… you’ll have a clear path to make the impact that’s sitting on your vision board right now. And not another year of running in place. 

Which means Bottleneck Rx is the BEST investment you can be making  in your business at this time.

Because there are two things I know for sure:

1. Your bottleneck is acting as an upper limit to your business. 

2. It is solvable (with the right tools and guidance).

Bottleneck Rx is about giving you the power to transform your team, your decision-making - and the growth trajectory of your entire business – so you can get out there and create the impact you're dreaming of.

Psst - If you’ve read all the way to this point – you and I need to jump on a zoom together. Click the button and get on my schedule!  Let’s break through your bottleneck, together.