bottleneck rx

the cure for the ceo bottleneck


Bottleneck Rx gives you the tools, tradecraft and confidence to find & fix your bottlenecks
so you can scale with ease.

For six weeks, we’ll dive deep into my 3-step protocol to decode your bottlenecks & redesign how you manage
your projects, your team and your decision-making.

Together, we’ll build a customized playbook that maps out how to:

  • move projects forward — quickly and smoothly
  • scope projects well, so the whole team knows where the goal-posts are
  • unlock exactly how to delegate to reduce errors, stress and re-work
  • confidently navigate the itch to change things up (without creating chaos)

This is fully-customized tradecraft — tailored to you,
your team & the way you do business— that you will use daily in your business to see better results.

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