Breakthrough Ops

Calling all Visionaries & Small-Biz CEOs:
Got growth plans for your business?

It’s time to expand the team and get more support.

Fire drills and growing-pains don’t have a place in your future.

Lead your business into your next phase of solid, streamlined growth.

Like all successful business owners, you have a passion and a vision….a product strategy.And a backlog of good ideas.You have a team, and together you are making things happen. You’re at the point where you can actually see around the corner to where you want to be. It’s so close.The vision and drive?       Zero problem.The execution?       Well, that’s been another story, hasn’t it? 

“I have the potential for 7 figures – but I don’t have the right support.”

It’s strange to think about, but executing on your vision is actually getting harder, not easier. With all this revenue growth, you’re coming to a point where your success has out-paced your internal systems. 
  • Launches are successful, but people are pretty much at their limits.
  • At first, what you had was working — but when you added headcount and products…things just got more complex. Now, it’s hard to keep up.
  • Great ideas come crashing back to earth when you factor in operations.
  • If anyone peeked behind your curtain, they’d see passion — and stress and exhaustion.

Here’s the deal: high-growth companies have growing pains. It’s not a mistake and it’s not your screw-up. It’s actually a phase of business. 

Hustling big-time to meet demand? That’s a sign that you are winning. And all that urgency is propelling you and your team forward – even with the missteps and growing pains. You’ve been addressing the issues as they’ve come up, and that’s good. Because the worst thing is to let this artificial upper-limit be a real upper-limit in your business. There is no way you’re cool with wasting any more time spinning your wheels. And anyway, burning people out is not how you want to do business

“This sounds crazy to say,but if we take on even one more premium client, I think my team will implode.”

You know it’s time to level-up. You just need a plan to get there.

As a service-based business owner, it’s challenging for me to work on client projects and still make time for opportunities and strategies that will grow my business. For the last 3+ years, Karen has been an integral part of my business growth by helping me create streamlined, repeatable processes for the services I provide. Our partnership allows me to scale without sacrificing my sanity. 

Jamie DuBose CEO,

How do you move forward?What I mean is: how do you start fixing your ops-related issues while still serving your customers? When there are already so many demands on your time? Here’s what you don’t need:  A dripped-out course full of cookie-cutter content + a monthly call where you spend all of 15 minutes on your critical issue. What DO you need?

1. You need a practical end-goal. One that’s realistic for your team, your budget – and the specific issues that keep your business from turning the corner. 

2. A roadmap to get there. One that respects the ebb and flow of your business. One that pours a solid foundation first, then builds on it. 

3. Sustained execution on that strategic roadmap. 
One-size-fits-all has no place here. And you already know you can’t solve things by throwing more people at the problem (if you even have the budget for it). And trying to muddle through will burn out the smart people you already have.The good news in all this? I can help shorten your learning curve.

Hi. I’m Karen Sergeant.I help small business owners fix productivity leaks, expand operations and generally level-up.My two decades of project leadership spans from Silicon Valley to Afghanistan. These days, even though none of my clients operate in a war zone (although some tell me it feels like one!) I’m used to running programs and projects:            • with remote teams in multiple time zones            • with lots of moving parts            • under some pretty epic constraints and deadlines.


My experience means I’ve seen & tackled the problems you’re likely facing in your business. I know the best practices (in fact, I’ve developed some myself) and have the deep ops expertise that complements your strong business sense.My knack is finding the signal in the noise, and patterns where other people see chaos. I’m also a fantastic partner to business owners, because I like working behind the scenes.I once had a business owner tell me, “Your sweet spot is pretty much my missing puzzle piece!” – and I think it’s true. I partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs like you to streamline your work, so you can get back to focusing on what you’re most passionate about.

Karen is a trusted advisor and A-level executor in my business. She created the operational infrastructure that allowed our company to scale to 7-figures — reducing team burnout and overwhelm in the process. Karen also works closely with me to create growth plans for my company. She grounds my high-level ideas and helps me turn them into reality. I’m forever grateful to Karen for transforming our company — making it healthier, stronger, and more profitable!  

Selena Soo CEO,

Now, if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re ready to take action.
  • You’re tired of letting operations veto your growth plans.
  • You’re done thinking that you’re just going to grow out of it, magically.
  • You’re just done with the fire-dills.
  • You’re ready to level-up.

Sounds like a breakthrough opportunity to me. Let’s get started.

Because your business has its own rhythm, I’ve designed a framework that gives us just the right amount of structure & flexibility to tackle and solve your business operations headaches.
Breakthrough Ops Coaching, in a nutshell:
  • Our first month together is all about needs assessment. We create a prioritized roadmap of what our work together will look like.
  • We meet by phone or video to work the plan. We can meet weekly for shorter sessions or less often for longer — your choice.
  • I’m not just a voice on the phone – support, problem-solving and accountability are baked into our schedule.
  • Of course, I’m available via email and Slack throughout our work together. 

Ready to get started?Click the link to fill out the brief application and get on my schedule for a call. 

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Karen has tremendous professional chops. She manages teams and projects with great acumen, is a razor sharp analyst who can see opportunities before they become problems, and can decide and execute even when the logistics are hard.

Bill Anderson CEO,

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