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Hacking Happiness at Work

If you’re happy and you know it: high-5 your boss! Over on the Redbooth blog, I tackle the issue of happiness at work. Workplace happiness is becoming big business, and even Chief Happiness Officers are popping up everywhere. This round-up features: What science has to say about workplace happiness (including how to “hack” happiness into your project […]

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Managing Freelancers

Work with a freelancer? Chances are that’s a Yes (or the freelancer might even be you). As the gig economy attracts more and more workers, there’s growing demand on businesses to get it right when it comes using freelancers. Over on the Redbooth blog, I’ve assembled a little resource for you. Learn how to: use frelancer talent […]

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Handling Negotiations

Over on the Redbooth blog, I tackle what you need to know about negotiating. Learn the negotiating tactic that secured the UN climate deal in Paris, plus a monster article on how to use emotions during negotiations — no matter which side of the deal you’re on. Have a look. Read the article here.

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Goal Setting for Next Year? Read this!

Setting goals for next year? They’re the business equivalents of New Year’s resolutions, and most people have a love/hate relationship with the whole process. Over on the Redbooth blog, I offer some new perspectives on the practice of goal setting. (Including some non-traditional approaches — which I am TOTALLY going to do this year.) I loved researching […]

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Gratitude and Appreciation in the Workplace

Over on the Redbooth blog, I take inspiration from the Thanksgiving holiday and highlight articles that offer practical advice on expressing appreciation — and giving gifts — at work. There are also some gems that explore the fascinating relationships between gratitude, creativity and performance. While we can agree that gratitude is good for us, sometimes we aren’t sure exactly […]

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