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Bottleneck #4: The CEO Bottleneck

This last bottleneck was the most popular of the talk. Literally every business owner in the room had their hands up, as a confession that they themselves were a bottleneck (even the main bottleneck) in their business.Here’s how CEO bottlenecks tend to form:Projects require too much of your time or your input to move forward, and […]

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Managing Freelancers

Work with a freelancer? Chances are that’s a Yes (or the freelancer might even be you). As the gig economy attracts more and more workers, there’s growing demand on businesses to get it right when it comes using freelancers. Over on the Redbooth blog, I’ve assembled a little resource for you. Learn how to: use frelancer talent […]

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Redbooth & Evernote

How my Client Improved Productivity by Integrating Evernote and Redbooth

It’s no secret that I rely on Redbooth to manage my business life, and it’s my #1 recommendation to clients team-size and bigger, to manage their daily collaboration and to-do items. A few weeks back, I exchanged tweets with Redbooth’s CEO about Redbooth’s new integration with Evernote. His question: Had I used it yet? Why yes, […]

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