My friend Tami and I had this email exchange the other day:

Her: Okay.. so curriculum/course design biz…Sounds a little like you are teaching a course on how to put together a course?

Me: Yeah…How META is that, right??!!

Then she replied, I know I need a book or something to sell on my site but I just can’t think of what that topic would be really.

Boy, do I hear that a lot. From entrepreneurs in nearly every vertical market.

I’d love to do a course, but I don’t know what I would teach.

My reply is always: You do, actually. You do already know what to teach, you just need some help getting started.

You’re an expert. Now, don’t blush or look behind you, I’m looking right at you. You have customers, you make sales, you’re in business. You’re an expert in whatever it is you do.

And you already know what you’d teach, even if it’s buried in your brain there somewhere.

Want to know how to uncover it?

Look for Common Threads.

Common Threads are things that you’re always saying, or that you’re always wishing for, grumbling about to yourself, cautioning clients about, lecturing on, looking out for.

Whatever they are, they are the things you wish you could transplant from your brain to theirs with the snap of your fingers. I can’t help you with the finger-snap part of it, but I can help you uncover the advice you dish out regularly.

Try this.  Take out a sheet of paper (hah, how old-school does that sound?  Ok ok, type it into your Evernote or whatever it is you keep notes on online) and answer as many of these that make sense to you:

List the top 3 things:

– you wish you learned in your first months
– you find yourself saying over and over to your customers
– you complain about to your honey when clients just don’t get it
– rookie errors you see
– you’d wish for, for clients, if you had a magic wand to wave

Now, think of your 3 best clients – and/or of the 3 best practitioners you know of:

– how are they alike?
– what qualities do they have in common?
– what habits do they share?
– what mindset or beliefs do they share?
– what common actions do they perform that are powerful?
– what pitfalls have they had to overcome?
– what have they said they wished they knew when they were just starting out (ask them!)

What does awesome look like, sound like, act like?

Now think of your 3 most troublesome clients – and/or 3 of the worst stories you’ve heard:

– what sunk them?
– what bad habits do they share?
– what mindset or beliefs do they share?
– what do they repeatedly do that keeps them from success?

Now have a look back over what you wrote. That’s gold, sister. It’s invaluable information and advice, and is probably enough to fuel several courses (because when it comes to lessons Less is More, remember?).

And see, that wasn’t so hard. You were sitting on a treasure trove of information. You just needed to unlock it.

I love to collect these stories. Leave a comment below and tell us your most interest answer to the exercise above.  Or come to the Facebook page and tell us there!