Custom Course Design

Building a course that is one-of-a-kind?

You need course-design that’s built just for you.

Are you planning a short-blast, high-impact project? I can help you with:
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  • auditing your existing course to make specific recommendations to update it
    (great for underperforming courses, or courses that just need some updating)
  • talking through a short, specific problem to get some clarity
  • try me!


Consulting rates start at $85/hr and we can make significant, meaningful progress in a couple of calls and some work in between. I have a limited capacity to take on building curriculum myself. It’s certainly possible, but I’m partial to projects that are really cool, really strategic, &/or really fun. Please do check out Course Incubator to see if that’s a good fit for your needs.

Let’s talk.

Contact me at karen (at) or click here, and let’s talk details!
If you’ve been referred to me by someone, let me know that right up front. I’m delighted to work with friends of friends.

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