Head-To-Paper Downloadable Workshop

Are you spinning your wheels getting started?


Tired of looking at a blank page?

You’re not alone. Crystal-clear learning objectives are the foundation you need to start your course.  You know you can’t begin until you identify yours.

Errr..yeah. About that solid foundation:  How do you get one?!? 


Top 3 signs this workshop is for you:

1. You have a general idea for your product or course – but you’re stuck or you flip-flop on the specifics.

2. You know your customers’ needs and pain points – but you don’t know how to turn these into what to teach.

3. You’re a bootstrapper. By budget or by principle, you’re an Army of One. You definitely aren’t afraid of the work, but you need a nudge in the right direction and some guidance.

Make Powerful Progress at Your Own Pace

Let’s get you off and running.

Learn how to brainstorm, prioritize and select learning objectives for your product that absolutely nail what your customers need to learn (& your unique way of teaching them – your brand!)


Three Things You Can Expect:

1. A “Workshop-in-a-PDF” in a perfect-sized portion, with tons of brainstorming prompts and fun worksheets that get at your topic in creative ways that blow past your writer’s block and get your creative juices flowin’.

2. You don’t stop there. After the idea-storm stops, you’re guided to organize, prioritize and select a lean, tightly-focused set of objectives that will rock your customers’ collective worlds.

3. As you finish the Workshop, you’ll get a booster shot of confidence (with a sense-of-relief chaser) as well as lots of fodder for lesson content, sales pages, promotional copy (& probably ideas for future courses too! Hey!)


Your Investment: $35

Contact me for a copy!

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