Course Incubator

Move smoothly from great idea to done.

The Course Incubator is perfect for those serious about getting their course out into the world.

course incubatorCourse Incubator (n):

A program designed to support the successful development of an online course through a concentrated dose of resources, expertise, accountability and momentum.

Successful completion of a incubation program increases the likelihood that a course will delight your customers, grow your business, and solidify your brand reputation.

Are you spinning your wheels on your course?

It’s not that building a course is so tricky, you just seem to run into so many small problems that take a toll on your momentum and – dare we say? – enthusiasm.You honestly cannot stomach a course that teaches a generic approach to course-building. You’re not unclear on the basics. Your problem is the 500 decisions you have to make. In a vacuum. Wondering if they’re the right ones.  Are they?!There seems to be a hundred moving parts to this thing…it’s overwhelming.

You’re in the right place!

Private. Tailored. Course Incubator. This isn’t canned material. Nothing is dripped out. It isn’t a course, it’s a concentrated dose of expertise and accountability.

Course Incubator is like having a course-building expert on your payroll.

Here’s what you will absolutely nail:

Craft a lean, tightly-focused course that delivers its full punch on a well-chosen topic.Organize for attention and retention.Discover the real barriers to performance and design your course around solving them.Present  visually compelling material (Say NO to slides that double as teleprompters!)

What Happens During Course Incubator:

1. A kick-off consultation. We waste no time getting started. You introduce your course plans, I introduce Course Incubator. And we roll up our sleeves and get to work. First up: a customized plan for how YOU can make the most of Incubator – and build & ship that course.

2. We collaborate through Evernote. Forget email and attachments, forget wondering which version you sent me. All your work docs go into a shared Notebook (which auto-saves and lives in the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about lost data, ever). We collaborate right there on the drafts. Word docs, PowerPoint, audio files. All there.

3. Written feedback. When you want it, you’ve got it. Have have a look at my outline. I have a whole section there that I’m not sure where to put. Ping me, and I have a look & an answer for you that keeps you humming.

4. Crit Sessions – the heart of the Incubator. Sometimes you just need to talk it out. Ask questions or sound somebody out on the decisions you’re facing. And sometimes: You’ve pushed out a major draft of the whole thing and you want some feedback. In Course Incubator, you have a generous allotment of hour-long crit sessions to schedule as you see fit.

Crit Session (n):

aka Critique Session (n): A session where a student presents a work in progress and receives feedback on it; also a session where questions get answered, roadblocks are demolished and rapid forward progress is made.

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If you’re tired of muddling through your course creation, it’s time for Course Incubator.

You can continue to spend hours getting nowhere, or get busy. Your call.

Incubator ListWhich Course Incubator is the Right Fit?

The 1 Month Course Incubator is a let’s-hit-it-hard experience tailor-made for those who have prioritized course building into their upcoming schedule. It’s for you if you can carve some significant time into your weekly schedules to turn work around & incorporate feedback quickly. I’m totally game if you are!

It’s also for you if you favor lots of mentorship up front, but once the detailed outline (and most of the crucial decisions) are behind you, you are good-to-go.

The 2 Month Course Incubator is for you if you want more time to weave course building into your work-weeks, have multiple info-products you want to design (hey, why not?) or you’ll want advice & guidance all the way through building out your course.

You know how you work. You’ll have my constant guidance for as long as you want it!

Your business is ready for Course Incubator

You’re creating this course to be a money-maker for your business – so you’re ready to invest the time and effort it takes to make this top shelf. The truth is: getting the right guidance — right from the start — is affordable. Is building an exceptional course worth the price of one or two of your units-sold? You bet it is.

Course Incubator slots are currently full!  – Click here to let Karen know you’re interested.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I already need to have an idea for my course to get the most out of Course Incubator?

Sort-of. You need to have a general idea in-hand & be ready to work it. Now, narrowing down & finessing the idea is sometimes the hardest part of course building, and we can do that together. But if you’re still in the I was thinking I should do a course this year phase, you best wait until inspiration hits before signing up. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here when it does!

Is this a group course?

No. Course Incubator is a systemized way to give you individualized advice, 100% custom to you. Nothing is dripped, nothing is held back.

Who’s doing the work here, you or me?

You are doing the work to create your course. I’m providing specific, focused feedback, refining your ideas, getting you over any roadblocks, and offering a wealth of expertise, worksheets & outside resources to make this course happen.

Will my course be done by the end of my Incubator?

That’s up to you! You will have every resource to do so – but the work will be yours to schedule and prioritize into your work-week. For my part, I’ll be turning around feedback and opening my schedule for crit sessions that will support your momentum.

Can I stop & start the Incubator clock?

No. Course Incubator slots are limited (which is why you might occasionally see a Waiting List instead of a Buy Button), so that I can give excellent service to everyone. I have prioritized you & your course in my schedule, and around my other clients & work. In order to keep everybody happy (including me) we need to honor the original time-frame.

What are crit sessions?

Crit sessions are critique sessions – used in art and design schools  – where you present your work-in-progress and receive feedback on it. It’s also an opportunity to ask any questions you need to. Think of crit sessions as your 60-minute Free-For-All with someone with the experience and resources to help you build & ship your best work.

What sorts of things can you ask in a crit?

Here are some examples:

This outline just isn’t coming together – help!
– Should this be a video or a worksheet?
– I don’t want a presentation that’s all bullet-points, but I don’t know how to do anything else.
– There’s so many moving parts here, I’m overwhelmed.. help!

When should I schedule my crit sessions?

It’s up to you! You can schedule crits weekly, as check-ins. You can save them for when you’re stuck, or when you’ve made massive progress and want some feedback. You can schedule far ahead of time for built-in accountability, or flash-schedule them just a day or two out. Be sure to use all of yours – unused crits do no one any good!

How does the written feedback work?

Sometimes there’s no need to jump on the phone together. You put together an outline, and you’d like some feedback. So you upload it to our shared Evernote folder and I have a look, and write my comments right on the draft. Especially when you’re on-track & in the zone, that’s all it takes. If my feedback is substantial (like I recommend a total course-change from what you have going) then I’ll suggest that we cover it in a crit session.