Change means friction.⁠
Effort. Investment.💰⁠

There’s a high cost to change. 😰⁠

That’s why so many of us default back to “muddling through” 🙈⁠

So basically we’re saying: ⁠

“It’s a little too tough for me to think about how I might do things differently, so I’ll just do things the same & deal with the failures as they come.” ⁠

(How’s THAT for an upper limit problem!? ) 😳⁠

Most of us would rather dance with the Devil We Know:⁠

• I don’t have the bandwidth for the EXTRA friction right now⁠
• Maybe THIS time…I’ll sidestep the worst of it🤞🏼⁠
• At least I know what I’m getting into…⁠

But, here’s the thing: ⁠

You can’t scale a business on the Devil You Know.⁠

Are you with me? 😈⁠

(…to be continued…)⁠

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