Embedded Ops

Looking for a virtual COO?

I relish being an integrated, strategic asset for select clients.

I can help you with:

  • strategic¬†project management
  • operations management
  • hiring/managing contractors or staff
  • introducing new technology & procedures
  • standardizing business analytics
  • planning product launches and nurture funnels

I have a limited capacity to take on long-term clients, but this is the work I was born to do. I’m partial to businesses and teams that are really cool, really mission-focused, and/or really fun. I’d love to see if you and I are a good fit.


In summer 2018, I have space for another client. Please reach out to me if you'd like it to be you...

Let’s talk.

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If you’ve been referred to me by someone, let me know that right up front. I’m delighted to work with friends of friends.