Evernote Accelerator

Get moving with Evernote.

Step out smartly with Evernote or Evernote Business.

Evernote Accelerator:Evernote Accelerator

This program is designed to help you make the most of Evernote in your businesses, through a concentrated dose of advice, expertise, and momentum.

Evernote Accelerator will help make your business more productive, your clients happier, and your team-members (be sure to include yourself here!) less stressed. It’s a streamlined way to get the business results you were hoping for, quicker.

Does This Sound Like You?

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  • You’re not yet seeing results with Evernote
  • You have some ideas for using Evernote, but you don’t want to sort through the details alone
  • You’re wondering if you’re on the right track & need an expert to confirm
  • You need some quick results!


You’re in the right place!

With Evernote Accelerator, we’ll make sure you’re using Evernote to the max for your business.

What Things Can We Cover?

What we talk about is up to you and your specific needs. Here are some examples of things we can tackle:

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  • How to make everything digital in your business work more smoothly together
  • How to make better use of Evernote’s features — and how, exactly, to apply them to the work you do each day
  • Automating the specific way you work with clients
  • Ideas for going paperless (and pulling your head out of your email inbox)
  • You name it!


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What happens during Evernote Accelerator:

1. You’ll fill out an online assessment. You give me a heads-up on what challenges you want to tackle in the Intake Questionnaire. This helps me (and you!) get clear on the business results you want to achieve with Evernote — and lets me know the gaps you’re facing to get there. This lets us be as productive as possible on our upcoming call.

2. We’ll spend up to 90 minutes together. We have a full session to cover those topics, and any other questions that come up — we dig deep into your problem, weigh options and strategize a solution that fits your business exactly. (And I can share my screen – or you can share yours, as we get deep into the nitty-gritty details.) The session is recorded, and you get the link (so no detail is ever lost).

3. You’ll receive a personalized action plan, that you can follow step-by-step to implement what we talked about in your business. It’s a simple, but comprehensive outline for how to execute on what we decided. You’re not left hanging: there will be resources for everything you need to tackle that business challenge.


If you’re tired of muddling through, it’s time for Evernote Accelerator.

Evernote Certified Consultant - Karen SergeantYou can continue to spend hours getting nowhere, or get busy. Your call.

I bring the software smarts, the training expertise & project management chops to be your creative partner to make this happen.  

Lets get you up and running on Evernote, and start seeing the business results you’ve been hoping for.

Let’s get started.

lineYour business is ready for Evernote Accelerator

Your Investment: $450

Interested? Contact me to see when Accelerator slots are available.

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