It’s no secret that I rely on Redbooth to manage my business life, and it’s my #1 recommendation to clients team-size and bigger, to manage their daily collaboration and to-do items.

A few weeks back, I exchanged tweets with Redbooth’s CEO about Redbooth’s new integration with Evernote. His question: Had I used it yet?

Why yes, I replied — it was a major highlight when I rolled out Evernote Business to my main clients – a busy graphics design firm.

So Redbooth reached out for a guest-post, and no-kidding, the article practically wrote itself.

It’s a Case Study, with real-world implications for your own business.

Please go have a read.

We realized that Evernote Business could turn this “Great Ideas Boneyard” into a flexible, searchable visual library that could be leveraged as an amazing resource for future projects and initiatives.

The thought of combining instant access to this library with Redbooth’s real-time communication capabilities was exciting…

 Redbooth & Evernote