So you’re ready to get started building an online course that complements the work you do.

Maybe you’re a coach or a freelancer – and you’re looking for ways to add value to your existing customers, attract new ones – and maybe get a little bit of that “sales funnel” thing going.  Yes?

An info-product like that lets new customers dip their toes into the pool of YOU, and see what you’re all about.

It needs to deliver great value and be super high-quality, so you can attract a high number of customers and WOW them with your expertise.

With me so far?  Good.

To do that, some of you might be thinking: more is better.  Pack that puppy full to the brim with wisdom, knowledge and value. Go broad. Showcase your ample expertise. Let ’em know that you can handle any variation they throw at you.


More isn’t better.

In fact, it’s the opposite that’s true: the more specific and nichey, the better!  Really!

Here are 9 reasons why it’s better to Go Narrow with your info-product topic.

The more specific and nichey the subject…

1. …the easier it is for you to organize and craft the materials.

Hey, how does serving yourself up a manageable content load sound? Sounds like something you can knock out of the park, to me! Small, clearly-defined topics lend themselves to clear organization – in a doable time-frame. Create it, launch it & learn from it. Get going!

2. …the easier it is to market your product.

It’s much easier to showcase its benefits, to position it well, and to contrast it with other products of yours – or of your competitors.

3. …the easier it is for customers to realize it’s for them (or not for them).

Probably the #1 potential customer question is Is this right for me?

Which do you think solves that problem better?

Social Media for beginners
Social Media strategies for brick-and-mortar businesses
Social Media strategies for Dentists, Doctors, and Chiropractors

As a prospect, I may not know much about social media, but I can imagine that using it effectively would be totally different depending on the type of business.  How can I be sure *I* will derive value from the product?

If you target my specific niche, I will sit up and take notice. Hey, this is for ME!

4. …the easier it is for students to understand.

When you’re covering a narrow niche, all the information reinforces each other, and all the examples, scenarios, exercises will be directly relevant for the student, and will resonate.

Resonate.  It’s the brass ring for instructors. Make it easy on yourself.

5. …the easier it is for students to master the topic.

A deep-dive on a narrow topic will allow students to see a significant jump in their mastery of the content. And that makes it more likely they will integrate this skill or new knowledge into their lives or business.  There’s just less room for overwhelm.

6. …the higher the mastery & the more satisfied the customer.

Building off of #5, the more they use the skills and knowledge, the more likely they will experience high ROI (return on investment) AND will know that the increase in returns was due to your product. Gives you shivers just thinking about it, no?

7….the easier it is to directly see the benefits of your course.

Oh, I got ahead of myself in #6, didn’t I?  I was in the zone.. When your customers see improvement and realize that it’s due to your expertise, you’ll be in that zone too. Who doesn’t want devoted fans?

8.  …the higher the perceived value to your customers, overall.

So, tell me:

– Broad-brushed generalized content, where it’s up to your customers to apply principles to their specific situations (if you can convince them to buy in the first place)?

– Broad-and-deep content that might overwhelm, confuse or be beyond the time- or money- constraints of your market?

– Or focused well-targeted content that is easy to understand, apply & master.

Which would you take out your credit card for?

9. …the more room this product will leave in your (future) product line-up for more, kick-ass well-crafted lessons on other specific and nichey high-value topics.

Oh, I swear I could barely hold myself back on this one, trying to save it for the end. You feel me?  You’re WOWing customers today AND planning for the future.  You clever entrepreneur, you…


Have I convinced you? Are you a believer?  Let me know…