Launch Incubator

Big Launch Coming Up?

Launches go smoother with Launch Incubator.

My experience as a Project Manager allows us to step smartly through the launch design phase and capture all the moving parts. Together we create the scaffolding – and then the full action plan. By the end, you’ll know exactly what you need to do stay on track as you move forward with your launch.

Top 3 Signs that Launch Incubator is right for you:

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  • You have the end goals for your project and all the big chunks (well, you think you do) but you need it fleshed out and filled in.
  • You want to get started on the project the right way – but once you have a great Action Plan in place, you’re good-to-go.
  • You want PM guidance, but not a long-term commitment to a PM.


You’re in the right place!

In Launch Incubator, we work together to create a full Action Plan – a totally custom roadmap for your project or launch, then we get you fully trained up on Project Management basics, so you know how to put these marching orders to work, right away.

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What’s On the Agenda?

We’ll build out your entire Launch Action Plan.

1. We identify & break-out ALL the moving parts to your launch:

  • Product/service creation, including how to deliver it
  • Promotion/Marketing, including social media, newsletter, blogging strategies, sales pages, graphics, webinars, etc.
  • Tech/Backend: membership sites, payment gateways, eCarts
  • Customer service
  • Analytics

2. We get clear on your budget and your timeline.

3. Within the week, I build out the plan, with interim milestones that keep you on track, & put it all together for you in your favorite PM software.

4. We huddle again to review the plan, make sure you’re a pro on the PM software, and ready to activate the implementation phase!

Your Launch Incubator Take-Aways:

1. You walk away with a full Launch Action Plan      – ALL the moving parts mapped out      – All the tasks down on paper – with duration, deadlines, & who’s going to do it      – Loaded in your favorite project management software (or in a Google Spreadsheet)

2. One-on-one training so that you know:      – How to manage your project in the software      – How to get answers to basic launch-management questions like:           – What do we need to do this week?           – Are we on track?           – What happens if I play hooky this week? (Maybe the most important question of all!)      – How to always know AT A GLANCE what the state of the project is

How We Work Together
– When you purchase, you fill out a Welcome Form & book your session
– We collaborate for up to 90 minutes and create the scaffolding for your plan
– We break for a few days while I finish up the plan & load it up into the PM software of your choice.
– We meet again to review & train you on the software.


launch incubatorYour business is ready for Launch Incubator.

This launch will be a money-maker for your business – so you’re ready to invest the time and effort it takes to make this smooth and successful. The truth is: getting good guidance — right from the start — is affordable. (Not to mention a sanity-saver!)

Launch Incubator slots are currently full! – Click here to let Karen know you’re interested.