Today I’m launching a new series that shows you real life Evernote use cases – showing you how to use Evernote to solve a problem or reach a goal. I’m starting off with House Moving — how to use Evernote to manage everything from researching and finding the perfect place to rent (or buy!), how to hire movers, pack up, move & settle into your brand-new neighborhood.

I used Evernote (you’re surprised?) to help me move from Encinitas, CA (in beautiful north county San Diego) to Portland in September of last year. My dear friend & client Jamie just moved her household of four 10 miles away into their first owned home THIS month.

If you’re looking to move house – across the world or just a few neighborhoods away — you know moving prep can take over life (and snatch your sanity). Follow along for tips, inspiration, and insider know-how for organizing your own low-drama, high-expectations move!

The Moving Battle Plan: No To-Do Left Behind9d7b9a64-ec30-4fe7-8716-7b5af8483da6_attachment

Among the things we needed to organize:

  • a house-search
  • a home-decluttering/purging project
  • handyman projects
  • a list of utilities to turn off (and on)
  • other businesses that needed a change of address
  • plane tickets, Zip-car receipts, meal receipts
  • a packing list (and an important do-NOT-pack list)

Lots of things were being handled by emails or websites and I needed to record whether something was done, half-done, or still yet to-do.

Why use Evernote to organize our moves?

It’s digital – We didn’t have to worry about misplacing (or accidentally packing) anything vital. We always knew where things were — and they were backed up to the cloud.

It’s on all our devices – Snapping photos with our phones, emailing forms from our laptops, clipping ads off of Craig’s List on our iPads — and putting our hands on ALL of it, no matter where we were. A family in the midst of a move is truly a “remote team” — Evernote is tailored made for this.

If we’ve filed it, we can find it – Even if we tagged it wrong, or a well-intentioned husband stashed it a different notebook, we can find it. In pretty much under 30 seconds. Try THAT with another system!

All The Moving Parts: Notebooks, Tags, Reminders & Shortcuts

We had different logistics, so we had different organization strategy inside Evernote.

As a home-buyer, Jamie had the additional need to corral all the financial documents for her mortgage lender and real-estate documents for her agent. We’ll share how we organized for our moves, what we stashed where, how we shared it out, and how we remembered when things needed to get done.

I was a renter, but I was moving to a city I barely knew, and needed to capture and organize research on neighborhoods, and a safe place to store articles like “10 Best Urban Wineries in Portland” which I would definitely need for later. 🙂

The Collaborators: Insiders & Outsiders

For my move, most of the people I collaborated with (from my landlord to my little brother) were not users of Evernote. That didn’t stop me from drafting emails and to-do requests inside Evernote and sharing them out (as well as stashing & annotating photos of my new place).

For Jamie, she and her husband shared a monster Honey Do note that had different sections for each person and the status of each project. And she wow’ed her mortgage company by sharing a public link to a single note where she had attached copies of all the (multiple) forms, receipts and signed documents that they needed to submit.

The Payoff 

I wouldn’t call either of our moves stress-free (I was downsizing big-time, she has two kids under 4!) but we CAN safely say that our sanity was saved time and again because of our ability to digitize.


Next, read my detailed use case on How I Used Evernote to Plan My 1000 Mile Move. Drop a comment in if you have a particular question you’d like me to cover — or to share your own moving with Evernote story!