Remember how it used to feel to land customers? (A little like this?)

Those were heady days. But these days…it’s a little different:

“This sounds crazy to say, but if we take in even more more premium client, I think my team will implode.”

“From the client side, it might look like we have our act together, but let me tell you, we’re constantly reinventing the wheel back here.”

Somehow, these days, customer acquisition seems easy in the face of actually getting your product or service out the door without a fire drill.

It’s a business problem, but many CEOs and business owners feel personally hampered by it. You have so many good ideas — and a fire in your belly to get them to market, but it’s like somebody hooked a bowling ball to your leg, prisoner-style.

And that bowling ball is getting heavier, not lighter.

You understand the importance of impeccable delivery, but getting lost in operational details is not where you want your head to be. And it’s not that you haven’t tried, either.

Here are common tactics business owners try:

1. Throw headcount at the problem.

Listen, if it’s a manpower issue — just add more people! Your team says they’re at capacity. Well, let’s get more hands on the job.<

2. Turnover the problem.

Many times, it’s a specific team member who can’t stay on-pace (or can’t do it without excessive errors). That’s a performance issue, right? Let’s find somebody better suited.

3. Muddle along.

You’re not in crunch mode all the time — the crazy weeks give way to….less crazy weeks. Plus, you already know how and where things get really bad — you can always base future plans on the stuff you screw up the least.

4. Wait for off-season.

There’s your annual slow-season “clean up the Google Drive” tasks. Team members white-board a few procedures. It may be inch by inch, but..things are improving! You just wish you had more slow days!

Which one happens at your business?