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Goal Setting for Next Year? Read this!

Setting goals for next year? They’re the business equivalents of New Year’s resolutions, and most people have a love/hate relationship with the whole process. Over on the Redbooth blog, I offer some new perspectives on the practice of goal setting. (Including some non-traditional approaches — which I am TOTALLY going to do this year.) I loved researching […]

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How to power search using Evernote

How to Search in Evernote

Searching in Evernote is a dream. The AI that undergirds Evernote search was the original patent & idea for creating the Evernote program. And they keep making improvements to it. I believe that it’s realistic to say that you can put your hands on what you’re looking for in under 30 seconds. Even if you have only a shaky idea […]

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2014 goals

Greatest Hits of 2013

I hope you’ve been enjoying your holidays!  I usually spend the 2nd half of December not doing work-work, but doing the reflective thinking and new-year scheming that motors me (& my business) through the spring. What about you? As I lay plans and map out strategies, I’m excited to tell you that offering a course […]

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Nothing left to cut

How to Resuscitate Your Course, Part 2

The situation: You launched to crickets, underwhelming numbers, or non-rave reviews. You’re now running forensics to determine what to tweak and everything is on the table to be examined. Including your course. [Read Part 1:  Defining & Solving Your Customer Problem  & Part 3: Curing What Ails Ya] Part 2: Organizing for Attention & Retention […]

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Brainstorming on paper

Brainstorming & Big Pieces of Paper

How do you brainstorm? Some do it in their Moleskines, some use mind-mapping software, and I suppose there’s an app or two on the iPhone for just this thing. I use big pieces of paper.  Yah, yah, how old-school of me. Different color pens and a few colored sharpies. There’s something about the poster-size that […]

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