We need to talk about your delegation.

I know, I know.

The very mention makes that vein in your temple throb again. (Sorry.)

Because — you’re not an idiot. And they’re not idiots either (tho some days, you would admit to doubting this).

So why. is. it. that you guys can’t seem to get your shit together and get projects done right the first time?

What do you think it’s costing you to have this all this re-work, blown deadlines — and wear & tear on each other?

And what is it OPPORTUNITY-costing you, in stuff that you CAN’T DO because you’re busy doing revision-number-6 on something that would’ve taken you just a short afternoon if you did it yourself?

And, exactly, WHY does this stuff end up being so hard??

Yeah, well, don’t hate me — But it’s lack of clear direction. And you’re holding your business hostage until you get that fixed.

If you agree with me, then we need to talk.

And if you just went “Are you EFFING KIDDING me,” then we definitely need to talk.

Step 1 is decoding what exactly is going wrong. I HAVE A FREE QUIZ FOR THAT. (<< Click this link!) 

Take the quiz. And then let’s have a talk.