What’s your methodology when you design offerings?

You’re careful to build something you’d be excited to fulfill, naturally.

You draw on your strengths & pull in partners who fill in any gaps. You know that staying in your sweet-spot is the first key to scaling big.

You craft a product that fits your business, right? You’ve looked at your sales funnel and noticed where there’s gaps.

Lower-end eBooks, high-touch boutique services: they all have their place in your product line. They all work in harmony, reinforcing without duplicating. One leading naturally to another, where possible.

And your customer, of course. She’s constantly in your thoughts as you design.

Not an aspirational avatar – those fictitious beings that spring from fun-sheets after an afternoon’s sweaty work – those constructs that seem so confusing at first, then gather some steam until you’re certain you’ve created a masterpiece.

Not her.

build it how they like it


You keep in mind the client who will need what you’re crafting. The one who has the missing puzzle piece that has your sweet-spot written all over it. She’s a real person, who has conquered some things & is lacking some others. Who wants to consume a product in a certain way.

Her needs + your business needs + your sweet spot.

No guesses. No untested assumptions.
No divine downloads.
Just tools for mere-mortals: Empathy, Invention, Iteration.

What’s your methodology when you design offerings?