Work With Me

Scale your business, without breaking it.

It may hurt to admit it, but executing on your vision is actually getting harder, not easier.
Growth is great, but you’re coming to a point where your success has outpaced your internal operations.

How I Can Help

I help business owners clear the chokepoints that throttle their business.
We can make great improvement in these key areas:

  • Your systems & software
  • Your team 
  • Your project planning cycle
  • Your change-control & decision-making process
  • Your security practices 
  • Your KPI dashboards
  • Your revenue forecasts & their key assumptions
  • Your expense budget & risk factors

My goal is to move you swiftly and steadily to a place where your business can sustainably handle rapid top-line growth.

How We Can Work Together

Your business is at the stage where cookie-cutter offerings just don’t make sense. I customize our work together to fit your needs and your budget — from a single laser-focused session that brings you clarity, to longer packages where we bring real change to life.

I’ll assess your current practices, help you build a prioritized ops roadmap, and then work closely to problem-solve and advise as you and your team implement.

Book a call to see if we’re a good fit together.

I’m a hands-on, high-touch consultant. I leverage frameworks I’ve developed over the years, but I don’t throw templates at you — so I can only work with a small number of clients at a time.

To see if we have a match, book a discovery session (and make sure you take the 7-Figure Ops Assessment).

You've worked hard to build a strong business and a strong brand –
it’s time to bring your internal operations up to the same level.

Selena Soo

Selena Soo


Karen has been a trusted advisor and A-level executor in my business. She created the operational infrastructure that allowed our company to scale to 7-figures — reducing team burnout and overwhelm in the process.

Karen helped us run our launches more smoothly, as well as analyze the results to make better decisions for the future. She also overhauled internal systems and replaced them with stronger ones which positioned us for fast and sustainable growth.

I’m forever grateful to Karen for transforming our company.  Thank you Karen for helping us scale to 7-figures!

Jamie Seamans


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karen for over a year and I love her no-BS approach. She brought the right structure into our business to help us as we scaled to 50 locations. 

Start-ups are built on ideas, but scale is achieved from people, performance, operations and metrics. I highly recommend Karen to help you build the right foundation so you can achieve your goals.  

Karen, You’re amazing at what you do and more people need to know about you!

Bill Anderson
Senior VP, First National Bank of Sioux Falls

Karen is an extraordinary leader – tough, bright, and the type of one-of-a-kind person you need to be part of those critical teams and events that have to get things done.

First, she has tremendous professional chops. She manages teams and projects with great acumen, is a razor sharp analyst who can see opportunities before they become problems, and can decide and execute even when the logistics are hard. Karen loves people, cares deeply for them, and will give the shirt off her back for her team.

Second, she cuts through the noise. Karen has an ability to see the signal in the noise and then get to the signal effectively and efficiently. It’s a rare talent.

Third, Karen tells truth to power and that takes guts and bravery. It’s hard to recommend someone professionally and personally more highly than I am recommending Karen.

Austin Netzley


Karen has been amazing to work with. She has my biggest recommendation.

Jamie DuBose

Jamie DuBose


As a service-based business owner, its challenging for me to work on client projects and still make time for opportunities and strategies that will grow my business. For over 4 years, Karen was an integral part of my business growth by helping me create streamlined, repeatable processes for the services I provide. Our partnership allowed me to scale without sacrificing my sanity.

Fred Kleibacker

Fred Kleibacker

Founder/CEO, Centaur Holding Company

Karen is one of the most creative and resourceful professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is collaborative, focused and highly competent. Her intellect is keen and she is a total team player.

She listens to her clients needs, and uses well-honed analytic skills to create some of the best curriculum and content I have seen. She is an out-of-the-box thinker and one of the most innovative, inspirational and powerful instructors and teachers I know.