Got growth plans for your business?

The path between where you are and where you want to be
is shorter than you think. 

Fire drills and bottlenecks don't have a place in your team's future. 

Karen created the operational infrastructure that allowed us to scale to 7-figures.

”Karen has been a trusted advisor and A-level executor in my business. She created the operational infrastructure that allowed our company to scale to 7-figures – making it healthier, stronger, and more profitable! I’m forever grateful to Karen for transforming our company.”

Selena Soo

Selena Soo

Karen has been amazing to work with.

Karen has been amazing to work with. If you're looking at someone to bring in as a COO...definitely look at Karen. She is super-smart, has amazing energy – everybody on our team has loved working with Karen. She has my biggest recommendation.

Austin Netzley


About Karen

I help high-growth entrepreneurs fix productivity leaks and lay a solid foundation for scaling. 
I work with CEOs to dramatically improve their internal operations, boost team performance & satisfaction, and make smarter business decisions through metrics & analytics.

I offer consultation and support with:
• Operations overhauls (when your existing operational practices need an extreme makeover)
• Making the most of your current software investments
• Revenue projections, cost accounting, strategic planning
• Improving visibility into your sales funnel, customer support inbox, and other  systems