Better business results, without the fire drills

You’ve built a successful business. You (and your team) see possibilities everywhere, and have the enthusiasm and drive to deliver something exceptional. Now, you’re looking for the operations support you need to fulfill your vision.

Your customers love you, your products are strong — but your team is maxed out. And those internal growing pains? You’re done with putting patches on them, it’s time to get those solved. 

Do you:

  • reinvent the wheel with each new client?
  • find that keeping things afloat is just more damned difficult than you feel it should be?
  • have high-standards, but find yourself fighting too many “little battles” to get there?

Then you’re in the right place, because my sweet spot is pretty much your missing puzzle piece. I partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs like you to streamline your daily work, so you can get back to focusing on what you’re most passionate about.

You’re in the right place.


Hi. I’m Karen.

I help CEOs fix productivity leaks, expand operations and level-up.

I’m an experienced project manager with stints in a Silicon Valley software company and in the intelligence community. This means I’ve tackled things like standing up a new training business for QuickBooks…to running covert action programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Not many of you will be looking to operate in a war-zone (although I’m game if you are), but it means I’m used to running projects:

  • with remote teams in multiple time zones
  • with lots of moving parts
  • managing folks who do not work directly for me
  • under some pretty epic constraints and deadlines.

I’ve left all of that for the desert southwest and the flexible lifestyle of a freelancer & budding entrepreneur. I am looking to partner with clients who are looking to expand operations, add a product line, or generally smooth-out & level-up. I relish being an integrated, strategic asset for clients.

How I think about Productivity

Each new procedure or software tool must make its value self-evident. Throwing software at a problem doesn’t mean it’s solved, and there’s always something new & shiny coming on the market. Is it for you? Depends on what your unique workflow needs are. The trick is getting to the root of them and choosing wisely.

It all starts with understanding the work to be done. Work to be done > strategy > right tool > right workflow/procedure. Doesn’t sound sexy, does it? Trust me. It’s like having the dishes done and the kitchen wiped down without having to ask. THAT kinda sexy…

Good procedures are Good Business. When you have strong systems and procedures in place, it means better results without an increase in staffing, talent or skill. Read that sentence again. Changing nothing but procedure can yield significantly better business results.

I can help your business:

  • accomplish more with the same staff & budget
  • maximize your investment in productivity tools
  • ease frustration and overwhelm
  • and return sanity & accountability to your day-to-day

Let’s get your team seeing the business results you’ve been hoping for. Like I said, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started.