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For visionaries, good ideas are easy to come by. But turning those ideas into reality? Not so easy.

In fact, I think the road to “CEO hell” is paved with good ideas that never came to fruition.

The gap between a good idea & consistent execution is a tricky thing to navigate:

False starts, delays, roadblocks. And (I hate to say it) that nagging feeling that…it’s just not quite what you imagined in your head.

Sound familiar?

Bridging the gap between ideas & execution is my sweet spot. Busting bottlenecks? Even sweeter.

If you have more ideas than you know how to implement (and it’s stressing you out), let’s talk.


I’m an operations consultant for small businesses whose people are central to their profits — agencies, professional services, and consultancies. I play a critical role in businesses that are:

  • dealing with team and delegation issues,
  • bumping up against capacity, or
  • entering a high-growth season.

Until now, I’ve led from the “inside” – on the team, embedded in the business, working for someone else. Now I’m focused on my new mission as a business owner.

Because here’s the thing:

Most of the businesses I love to support don’t need a perpetual, embedded COO. But they do need the been-there-done-that wisdom and expertise that I bring to the table.

If that’s you, I can provide the steady-hand you need to push through your business challenges and meet your goals with confidence.

Karen Sergeant

Karen has been a tremendous asset to our team, and to me personally. She helped us think deeper, broader and
with more clarity. She’s a great investment –
with Karen, every dollar we spent was returned tenfold.

Lise Kuecker

Founder, CEO / StudioGrow.co

Karen is an extraordinary leader – tough, bright, and the type of one-of-a-kind person you need to be part of those critical teams.
It’s hard to recommend someone professionally and personally more highly than I am recommending Karen.

Bill Anderson

Exec VP / First National Bank in Sioux Falls