You and I Both know…

That being in business means one gritty challenge after another.

And this doesn’t scare us. Not even a little.

In fact:  Bring it on.

Doesn’t mean we don’t have our moments (!) but if we were interested in letting somebody else pave our way, you wouldn’t be reading this page, and I wouldn’t have bothered writing it.

But here we both are.

And the other thing is?  As we pave our own way…

We experiment, we lay bets, we take risks, and we fail.

And we’re fine with that too. When you go to places where there is no map, trying things that don’t pan out is a hallmark of progress, not a lack of progress. It’s literally how we move forward.

And here’s where you are right now…

You’ve built a successful business. You see possibilities everywhere and have the drive to deliver something exceptional. Your customers love you, your products are strong.

But you are maxed out.

You’re still scrappy, you have yet to run out of good ideas. But executing on those good ideas is getting harder, not easier. And the problem is obvious. 

There isn’t enough of you to go around.

You’re a bottleneck, and it’s putting an artificial upper limit on your business growth. One way or the other, you know this is true:

What got you here won’t get to you where you want to go.

Hi, I’m Karen

I help business owners clear the chokepoints that throttle their businesses.

I’m an experienced operations manager with stints in a Silicon Valley software company and in the intelligence community, as well as 7+ years serving as Integrator/COO for A-listers in the online space.

This means I’ve tackled things like creating new product lines, running covert action programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan – and managing 7-figure launches and deep 7-figure businesses.

Not many of you will be looking to operate in a war-zone (although I’m game if you are), but it means I’m used to:

  • leading remote teams in multiple time zones
  • with lots of moving parts
  • under some pretty epic constraints and deadlines.

These days, I partner with CEOs who are ready to roll up their sleeves.
Together, we can implement the tools and tradecraft needed for you
to remove yourself as the bottleneck in your business.

Ready to lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth?
Let’s get started.

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