Hi, I’m Karen

I’m an operations consultant for small businesses whose people are central to their profits —agencies, professional services, and consultancies.

My flagship offering, Bottleneck Rx, helps high-performing leaders get out of the weeds and out of the way so their businesses can grow.

Described as “unflappable in a war zone,” I play a critical role in businesses that are:

  • dealing with team and delegation issues,
  • bumping up against capacity, or
  • entering a high-growth season.

I have helped clients achieve 7-figure launches, create new product lines, and architect full-team reorgs — and avoid burnout and internal strife.

For 25 years I’ve guided teams through high-stakes, high uncertainty situations, from CIA counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan to groundbreaking software product management at the dawn of the internet boom. As a natural pattern spotter, I can skillfully identify the root cause of overwhelm, inefficiency, and confusion to speed up confident decision making.

After stints in Silicon Valley, the Capital Beltway, and beachside in SoCal, I’m now planted firmly in Tucson braving the dry heat with my doodle puppy, Benny. 


In my home and in my business, my core values are:

👤 Ownership⁠
👑 Sovereignty⁠
👥 Social Justice⁠
💙 Right Practice

I put these in play every day, and I learn every day how to do better.

I believe that every human being deserves to be safe and loved. I believe that Black Lives Matter, and I’m committed to elevating entrepreneurs from communities that have been marginalized – and dedicated to creating a welcoming, equitable experience for all.

My Company Value diagram

I love to partner with CEOs who want a thought-partner who can
sit with them at the planning table and put legs on their dreams.
Together, we can reimagine how you manage your projects,
your team and your decision-making – so you can scale your business
with confidence and ease.

Ready to end the bottleneck headaches?
Let’s get started.

Karen has been a tremendous asset to our team, and to me personally. She helped us think deeper, broader and
with more clarity. She's a great investment –
with Karen, every dollar we spent was returned tenfold.

Lise Kuecker

Founder, CEO / StudioGrow.co

Karen has been amazing to work with. She is super-smart, has amazing energy, everybody on our team has absolutely loved working with Karen. She has my biggest recommendation.

Austin Netzley

Founder & CEO / 2X
Selena Soo
Karen was a trusted advisor and A-level executor in my business. She created the operational infrastructure that allowed our company to scale to 7-figures — reducing team burnout and overwhelm in the process.

She overhauled internal systems and replaced them with stronger ones (from project management to technology to hiring processes), which positioned us for fast and sustainable growth.


Jamie DuBose

In 6 months we were able to transform my business to a well oiled machine in which all team members experienced ongoing communication, collaborative project assignments sprinkled with lots of laughter, joy, and serious productivity levels.

Jamie DuBose


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karen for over a year and I love her no-BS approach. She brought the right structure into our business to help us as we scaled to 50 locations. 

I highly recommend Karen to help you build the right foundation so you can achieve your goals.  

Karen, You’re amazing at what you do and more people need to know about you!

Jamie Seamans