Equip your audience with the tools they need
to clear the chokepoints that throttle their businesses.


It's not really a secret. Successful businesses hit roadblocks. The first one is often a tricky moment that comes riiight after the initial growth spurt. And it's not customer-facing – it's internal! It may hurt to admit it, but executing on their vision actually gets harder, not easier for these business owners.

Growth is great, but they're coming to a point where their outward success has outpaced their internal operations. 

That's exactly my sweet spot.

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Speaker & Strategist

I help small business CEOs clear the chokepoints that throttle their businesses so that they can scale to their full potential. More than a speaker, I'm a hands-on ops strategist.

My action-focused curriculum is based on my years of 1:1 work with A-List entrepreneurs like Todd Herman, Selena Soo, Amanda Daley and Lise Kuecker.

My goal is to equip audiences with a blueprint for internal operations that can sustainably handle rapid top-line growth.

Karen on stage

Todd Herman's 90 Day Year Live 2018

La Jolla, CA

Karen creates some of the best curriculum and content I have seen. 

She is one of the most innovative, inspirational

and powerful instructors and teachers I know.

Fred Kleibacker

Founder/CEO, Centaur Holding Company

Don't just listen. Learn. 

Actionable Content. Leave with "Do Now" actions and prioritized "Do Next" steps with your team.

Inspiration. Leave feeling energized, capable and eager to take what you've learned into your business. 

Fun. A (heapin') spoonful-of-sugar helps audiences stay engaged – and in a safe, supported space for candid self-assessment. 


Karen's session really opened my eyes. I had two changes I wanted to make immediately in my business -- and lots more I wanted to meet with my team about.

My only complaint? My hand was cramped from all the notes I was furiously taking. 

Jamie DuBose

Marketing Strategist

In all the training on this topic this church has been through or seen in the last 10 years, yours is far and away the best. I'm not kidding.

Nate B.

Antioch Church
Waco, TX